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You have received one of the finest educations in the security what?

Unlike other schools, our main goal is to equip each student with the skills necessary to begin a career in the security industry while offering the highest quality education and support. We regard our students and graduates as family in the close-knit security industry. This means that once our students graduate we want to maintain contact with them. Our instructors are always available to offer technical assistance over to the phone to our graduates. Graduates are always invited to sit in on any part of the course that they may want to review, at no charge! And because we know it can be difficult to find a supplier to deal in small quantities, we allow our graduates to purchase supplies and equipment at a discounted price, for life!

"I was working for a local security dealer within 2 weeks after graduation, Thanks SST"
                                                                                                 Carl Barns
                                                                                                 Costa Mesa, CA

Although SST makes no guarantee of future employment, we actively search for potential openings with locksmith companies and others that utilize in-house locksmiths.  Potential openings and leads will be posted on the SST bulletin board, on our website and mailed to graduates.  The School also offers lifetime assistance to our graduates.

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Benefits of Being A Graduate of the School of Security Technology

  • Instructor Technical Support
  • Resume Development Assistance
  • Review Lessons...Free
  • Lifetime Placement Assistance
  • Lifetime Purchasing Discounts
  • Practice Employment Interview

Review Any Part of the Course at No Charge...Anytime!

Organizations Who Have Hired Our Graduates

  • Locksmith Companies
  • School Districts
  • Hotels
  • Self Employment
  • Government Facilities
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Large Corporations

"I received several job leads from SST after graduation. They helped me a lot, Thanks!"
                                                                                                 Steve Randall
                                                                                                 City of Industry, CA