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Locksmithing Course 

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Locksmithing Course

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Our locksmithing program courses are designed to allow students to gain a clear and basic understanding of the locksmith industry and the specific functions of a general locksmith and to provide hands-on experience that will assist an individual who is seeking job opportunities in the locksmith industry.


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Please Note: We DO NOT TEACH Automotive Locksmithing in our course!

We Offer Three Locksmith Program Courses


Basic Locksmithing Course: Strong overview of Basic Locksmithing with hands-on experience.  Instruction includes: (for a complete course description email us here)

      Course covers the following subjects:
  • Key Blank Identification
  • Hardware Applications
  • Basic Master Keying
  • How Locks Work
  • Code of Ethics & Laws
  • Key Machine Operation
  • Key Impressioning
  • Lock Installations
  • Locksmith Tools
  • Terminology
  • Lock Picking
  • Code Cutting
  • Types of Locks
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors

       Tools included in the course:
Key Decoder
4 in 1 Screwdriver
File Handle
Safety Glasses
4 Locks
.005 Pinning Kit
Pick Book
Spanner Wrench
MK Follower
Aerosol Lubricant
Pick Set
Impression File
KWK Cylinder Removal Tool
Impression Plate
Tru-Arc Pliers
Plug Spinner
Key Extractor Set
Tool Box
Impression Tool
Pocket Screwdriver
       Handouts include:
Basic Locksmithing Manual 
Notice of Cancellation
Lock Picking Manual
Notice of Students Rights
Key Catalog
Technical Data

       Tools that students must bring with them:
Claw or Ball Peen Hammer 3/4" Wood Chisel  




This is an evening locksmith course composed of 96 hours of class time and practical lab. Classes are scheduled for two nights a week, 4 hours each from 6:00pm to10:00pm. on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.


"Very well organized course!  I will recommend this locksmith school to others"
                                                                                Randy Turner
                                                                                Riverside, CA

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Instructor and student working  together

Student working on lesson


Basic Retail Locksmith Operation Course: This program includes the Basic Locksmithing course and education in a retail store environment in which the student is exposed to practical experience and application of the skills learned.  The program is designed to be taken concurrently with the classroom instruction beginning in the fifth week of the Basic Course.  A workbook is issued with specific tasks to accomplish and specific skills to perform and record.  This course totals 224 hours; 96 hours in the classroom, two evenings per week and 128 hours, apprenticing two days a week in a specified parent company retail service center. 

The Basic Locksmithing Course is a prerequisite to the Basic Retail Operation Course





Students work in our stores with the store managers learning the retail side of our industry.


" The retail store experience offered me  hands-on learning.  I was working on customers hardware and cutting keys most of the day. A great opportunity! "
                                                                                Norwalk, CA


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Basic Field Locksmith Operation Course: This program includes the Basic Locksmithing Course and the Basic Retail Locksmith Operation Course and education in a field environment in which the student is exposed to practical experience that is unique to working in a service vehicle in the field.  The field portion of this program begins after completing the classroom experience and retail operation part of the program.  This course totals 544 hours; 96 hours in the classroom, two evenings a week, 128 hours apprenticing two days a week in a specified parent company retail service center and 320 hours, five days per week for two months in a parent company service truck. 

Basic locksmithing and retail operation courses are prerequisites to the Basic Field Locksmith Operation Course



Students work with our technicians learning the outside service part of the locksmithing business.


" The ride along program allowed me to work on many hardware installations and applications we studies but had not seen them applied."
                                                                                 Mike Robbins 
                                                                                Fallbrook, CA


Offering the Very Best in Locksmith Training!



Our 12 week Locksmithing Course is instructed in the City of Orange, California
Tuesday and Thursday night
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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