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Rekeying Course

3-Day Keying Course

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The need for maintenance or engineering employees to perform basic locksmith skills such as cylinder rekeying and lock troubleshooting has increased as companies, institutions, and other facilities work to reduce operational costs by utilizing internal resources.

Our rekeying course has been developed by Southern California’s premier locksmithing school; the School of Security Technology, to assist people who are or will become involved in their facility’s key and cylinder control program.  The 3-day course was designed to give the student the basic working knowledge of locks and cylinders along with plenty of hands-on experience.

                                        What you will learn

- How a standard cylinder works
- How to shim a cylinder
- How to rekey (repin)
   a cylinder
- How to use a pinning chart
- Common troubleshooting
- How to take apart a cylinder with a key
- How to reload a cylinder
- How to check a cylinder for a master pin/wafers
- How to remove a cylinder from a lock
- How to master key a cylinder

                                    What you will not learn

This course is not designed to equip a student to work in the locksmith industry as a locksmith.  We will touch other areas related to the understanding of the cylinder and its relationship with various types of locking mechanisms.  Hardware installations, cylinder picking, key impressioning, key cutting and key identification are a few topics this course will not cover.   


Tools and materials used in the course
- Mortise Cylinder
- Pin Kit
- Plug Follower (you keep)
- Shims (you Keep)
- Key Decoder (you keep)
- 6-way screwdriver (you keep)
- Knob Cylinder
- Pinning Tweezers (you keep)
- Cylinder Probe (you keep)
- Cylinder removal tool (you keep)
- Keying Manual (you keep)
- Mini tool box (you keep)

"The best Southern California locksmithing course I found, excellent training"
                                                                                Jack Steadman
                                                                               Garden Grove, CA

Offering the Very Best in Security Training

  • Reasonable Cost
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Maximum Enrollment of 12 Students
  • Hands-on Instruction
  • Freeway Close
  • Accelerated 3-Day Training Class
  • Quality Training Since 1991
  • Tools Provided

The rekeying course is taught during the day and is scheduled as class sizes reach our minimum student requirements.  Call 714 633-1366 for next start date.

This course is available as a self-instructed course and may be purchased here.

Call 714 633-1366 or use the email form below

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Our 3-Day Cylinder Keying Course is scheduled when we get a minimum of six
students! The Class starts the second Tuesday of each month, providing we have
the required number of students enrolled, 8:00am to 4:00pm each day for 3 days.

Please check the month/s that you're available to attend the 3-day keying course.

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This Course is Only A Basic Cylinder Keying
Course and  NOT our Locksmithing Course
School of Security Technology  
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